Marcus MO250X
Indoor type open style / single phase [MO]
Operating Frequency: 60 Hz (50/60 Hz available on some models)
Insulation : 130 deg c: (25-1000 VA) - Class B 80 deg c Temp Rise
                 155 deg c: (1500-7500 VA) - Class F 100 deg c Temp Rise
Sound level: less than 40 db
Polarity: Additive

Solidly fixed terminals with standard combination screw connections facilitate wiring
All models built with heat-proof insulation for compact size and long life
All terminals clearly identified with additive polarity markings
Many multi-voltage primary and secondary models increase range of applications per unit
Every coil bobbin-wound for greater efficency and superior heat evacuation capabilities
Can be mounted either vertically or horizontally
All units CSA Certified & UL Listed
CE verified up to and including 5000 VA
VA: 250
Series: 32VAC @ 7.8A
Parallel: 16VAC @ 15.6A