The D5056S is a new generation high-performance digital stepper driver based on DSP with advanced control algorithm. The motors driven by D5056 can run with much smaller noise and much less vibration than other drivers in the market. The D5056 possess the feature of lower noise, lower vibration, and lower heating. The D5056S's voltage is DC 24V-60V. It is suitable for all the 2-phase hybrid stepper motor whose current is less than 5.6A.There are 16 kinds of microstep of D5056S. The maximum step number of D5056S is 51200 steps/rev (microstep is 1/256 ). Its current range is 1.5A-4.0A (RMS), and its output current has 8 stalls. KD5056S has automatic semi-flow, over-voltage, under voltage and over-current protection function.
1-Axis DSP Based Digital Stepper Drive.
Max 60V DC / 5.0A.
Dimensions in mm:
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