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We sell Nema 17, Nema 23, Nema 34 stepper motors, controllers and drives to the home CNC enthusiast, hobbyist and the robotics builder.

All the products are shipped from Ontario Canada using Canada Post or Federal Express.
In some cases we can offer free shipping, please inquire. However, shipping charges will apply. If you want your product delivered as quick as possible, we can send it Fedex Express or Priority Post. If you want to make the drive out to the shop to pick up your purchase, you are welcome to so. Just call ahead to make an appointment.

                             Benefits in buying locally?

                                        No Duty charges or Brokerage fees.
                                        No over priced shipping costs.
                                        No USA exchange rates. We sell in Canadian currency.
                                        Less chance of shipping damage. Most items are sent with insurance.
                                        Quick delivery times.
                                        Easy returns.
                                        Customer support is just a phone call, text, or email away.
                                        Help support a local Canadian business.

Products are tested before shipping. You don't like receiving a faulty product and neither do we. We test to ensure all is good. However, some electronic parts will stay sealed in their original packaging and will not be tested.

If there is something you are looking for, just ask. We might have it or know where to get it.
Products are added on a regular basis but may not be listed on our website.


Jon is a master electrician, certified in electronics and motor controls. He has been running his own electrical contracting business, Pro Power Electric, for over 20 years. He has built a number of CNC machines, robotic arms, windmills etc. and has a passion for anything mechanical.

He found it frustrating that the products he wanted were hard to find in Canada. So he decided to make it easier for Canadians by starting a website that would supply a good product at a reasonable price.

In order to supply a product at a reasonable price a lot of the bells and whistles of a large website are not found here. However the savings are passed along to you.

www.StepperMotorCanada.ca is owned and operated by Pro Power Electric. Copyright (C) 2019. All rights reserved.
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