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This breakout board is designed for debugging and for simple access of the printer port. Pin to terminal clearly labeled for ease of connection. Will work with Mach3 CNC software, but provides no optocoupler protection or signal boost.
DB25-F2 Break-out board
Price $20.00 CAD
This break-out board is designed to work with Mach3 CNC software and is simple to use.
It has connection for 6 drivers and 5 inputs.
Power supply of +5Vdc is required (usb port).
Built in C-class optocouplers.
DB25-1205F, 6 Axis Break-out board
Price $30.00 CAD
This break-out board is designed to work with
Mach3 CNC software utilizing the line printer port
for communication. It is designed for machines
that require more control and options. It has
connections for 6 drivers and 5 inputs.

Five signal ports are isolated by optocouplers
which can be used as limiting, position, finding
origin points, starting and E-stopping.

Three additional relays can be programmed in
Mach3 software and can be used to control
external equipment such as a solenoid valve,
cooling pump etc.

Programmed analog voltage (0-10Vdc) can be
set to control the speed of a spindle motor.

NOTE: USB port is for power only - not used for
communication or motor control. See manual for
details. Comes with USB Cable.
Price $40.00 CAD
DB25M-3R6A, 6 Axis Break-out board
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This break-out board is designed to work with
Mach3 CNC software and is simple to use. It
has connection points for 5 drivers, 5 inputs,
1 relay, PWM (10v) for spindle control.
Power supply of +5Vdc is required (usb port).
DB25-1R5AM, 5 Axis Break-out board
Price $35.00 CAD
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Use with Nema34 motors.
120V / 240V AC input.
48Vac c.t. @ 13A, 24Vac @ 26A - AC Output.
Good for up to six 1200 oz-in stepper motors.
Hammond Toroid Transformer 1182T24
Price $165.00 CAD
Use with Nema34 motors.
120V / 240V AC input.
48Vac c.t. @ 10A, 24Vac @ 20A - Output.
Good for up to four 1200 oz-in stepper motors.
Hammond Toroid Transformer 1182S24
Price $155.00 CAD
Use with Nema 23 motors.
120V / 240 Vac input.
30Vac c.t. @ 10A, 15Vac @ 20 A Output.
Good for up to four 396 oz-in stepper motors.
Hammond Toroid Transformer 1182S15
Price $120.00 CAD
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Used to turn Alternating Current to Direct Current.
Input up to 700 Vac / 35 Amps.
Screw mounting, 4 pin connection.
28mm X 28mm X 22mm.
Bridge Rectifier - KBPC3510
Price $10.00 CAD
25 Pin Parallel DB25 Printer Cable.
Male to Female.
2.7M - 8.8 Feet.
Off white.
Printer Cable
Price $15.00 CAD
15A 125/250 Vac, 0.6A 125Vdc, 0.3A 250Vdc.
Single Pole, Double Throw.
Normally Open, Normally Closed.
Momentary Roller Lever.
Limit Switch V-156-125
Price $8.00 CAD
Electrolytic Screw Capacitor.
80mm X 50mm.
Screw top, 105oC.
80VDC 22,000MFD Capacitor
Price $25.00 CAD
USB MACH3 Interface Board 5-Axis Controller CNC 100KHz f/ Stepper Motor NVUM5-SP. Simple to use and with a good manual. Comes with USB cable.
NVUM5-SP USB MACH3 Interface Board
Electrolytic Screw Capacitor.
35mm X 120mm.
Screw top, 105oC.
63VDC 33,000uf Capacitor
Price $30.00 CAD
Red Mushroom 40mm head.
Cut out hole size 22mm.
600 Vac 10 Amps.
Normally Open, Normally Closed.
Price $12.00 CAD
Emergency Switch
Electrolytic Screw Capacitor.
145mm X 78mm.
Screw top, 105oC.
100VDC 120,000MFD Capacitor
Price $65.00 CAD
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Note: Female DB25
Note: Female DB25
Note: Male DB25
Note: Male DB25
Mach3 basic setup manual for the above break-out boards. Use in conjunction with break-out board manual. Good for first time setup.
Generic BOB Connection Manual
Connection diagram on how to build an unregulated power supply with the above parts.
Unregulated Power Supply PDF
 "More info about break-out boards."
Nema 34
Nema 23
Use with Nema17 and small Nema 23 motors.
120V / 240V AC input.
 24V - DC output 8.5 amps.
 200 x 100 x 43 mm.
24V Regulated Power Supply
Price $32.00 CAD
DB25 25Pin LPT Printer to PCI-E Express Card Converter Adapter. Use with computers that require a printer port or to add a second parallel port to expand you I/O connections.
Parallel Port PCI-E Express Card
Price $25.00 CAD
Price $150.00 CAD
Program the Ardruino Uno to control your stepper motor driver. Each arduino is programmed with a simple code to run a stepper motor in a forward / reverse pattern. Comes with colour coded hookup wire, 0.9m USB cable and 9V battery adapter to make connections easy.
UNO R3 ATmega328P Development Board With Boot Loader For Arduino UNO SM
Price $25.00 CAD
Stand alone pulse generator. When used with a stepper motor driver and motor you can control your stepper motor speed and direction. Please note that this board can not be programmed or keep track of stepper location. Basically, this is a motor speed and direction controller.
Stepper Motor Driver Pulse Generator
Price $18.00 CAD
Use the module in conjunction with your high voltage power supply to access lower voltages without the use of a second power supply.
Step-Down Voltage Power Module.
Input 40Vdc-40Vdc.
Output 7A 80W, 2V-36V.
Price $12.00 CAD
DC-DC Buck Converter
GX16-4 Male & Female Panel.
Silver Metal Connector.
16mm 4pin.
Aviation Plug 4 Pin
Price $10.00 CAD each
Please read >>>>>>>>
380V 10A Dual Row.
12 Positions Screw Terminal Strip.
Easily cut into sections.
Terminal Block
Price $4.00 CAD
Note: Each Uno has been tested and programmed
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Price $Free
120/240 Vac, 50/60 Hz input.
12 Vac @ 8 A output.
24 Vac @ 4 A output.

Price $45.00 CAD
Marcus Transformer
USB MACH3 Interface Board 6-Axis Controller CNC 200KHz f/ Stepper Motor NVUM6-SP. Simple to use and with a good manual. Comes with USB cable.
NVUM6-SP USB MACH3 Interface Board
Price $190.00 CAD
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12VDC 0.2A, 2Pin, double ball-bearing.
80 x 80 x 25mm.
Brushless cooling fan with matching grill.
12VDC Cooling Fan
Price $14.00 CAD
Great power supply for use with fans, relays, breakout boards etc. 3 onboard voltages.
120V / 240V AC input.
5V, 12V, 24V - DC output 7, 4, 2 amps.
160 x 95 x 38 mm.
Multi Voltage Power Supply
Price $32.00 CAD
Great relay for break out boards and Arduinos.
Input trigger voltage 3-32Vdc.
Control voltage 24-380Vac.
Control amperage 25A
Solid State Relay DC/AC
Price $12.00 CAD
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Nema 34
Nema 23
Nema 17
UNO Driver for Windows
Stepper Sketch
before shipping.
Installation disc included.
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NOTE: Other power supplies may be available.
Panel mount chassis fuse holder.
Use with 6x30mm glass fuses.
15A 125V, fuses not included.
Fuse Holder
Price $5.00 CAD
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